How To Create A Refund Proof Contract

When:  May 20, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (ET)
Associated with  Columbus, Ohio Chapter

How To Create A Refund Proof Contract

Now more than ever, your contract needs to legally cover your company in case of cancellation. Make sure your company does not get stuck in a legal battle! Learn how to refund-proof your contract and talk through important clauses with your clients. Save the date for this fun (contracts can be fun!) legal presentation.


JOIN US Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 1:00pm EST

 Your contract is the number one tool at your disposal to make sure:

·                 You get paid on time;
·                 You don't get screwed over when a client wants to cancel, postpone, or in any other way change the services;
·                 You are protected in court; and
·                 You don't lose (too much) sleep at night over that difficult client

Everyone wants to avoid a contract dispute and with the added stress of COVID restrictions, our contract discussions have been even more confusion. It’s not fun, but it can make a difference of thousands of dollars to your company. It is imperative that your contract not only legally protects you, but also that you can explain the terms of your contract to your clients.


Whether you own your own business or you work for an established business, you all have clients that sign contracts. If you didn’t create it, you still need to explain it to clients! Knowing the important (and often confusing) parts of contracts will help ensure that both you and your clients understand and agree to all the terms, so nothing messy happens down the line.

Clarity, coaching, and conversation awaits at our May meeting with Braden Drake, an attorney and tax preparer with a candid way of explaining contracts that will be as fun as contracts can possibly be. Join us!

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Our Presenter:
Braden Drake – Attorney and Tax Preparer


Braden graduated from law school in San Diego, then took and passed the bar exam – which made him an official lawyer. Woohoo! Afterwards, he received his Master's degree in tax law while working for H&R Block. It was a party!

He started a law firm and worked 1-on-1 with about 100 different creative small biz owners. He discovered that he loved teaching and empowering entrepreneurs to kick ass in business.

Braden dove into his online business and he now he runs a membership and courses to help people in the creative industry like you!


His online courses, blogs, and podcasts, along with his unique style of coaching have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and those in the creative industry through his program, Unf*ck Your Biz.

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