Ways To Save on Membership


We hear time and again that ILEA is a hug, not a handshake. Now, we're asking you to Help UGrow with the HUG campaign and earn free membership in the process!

How it Works

For each new member you refer and joins ILEA, you will receive a $50 discount towards your next ILEA renewal. That means, when you refer 9 new members you get a free membership! All they need to do is list your name in the membership application. The new member will also have the $50 application fee waived when they use the code HUGILEA*.


Send a Personal Note

Customize and send this e-card to your colleagues who would make great ILEA members! Then, remind them to list your name when they complete the membership application.


Marketing Kit

We've made it easy for you to earn your $50! The HUG Marketing Kit contains resources to help you spread the word about ILEA to your colleagues and encourage them to join. Inside you'll find:

  • "Click to tweet" social media posts
  • Sample emails
  • Flyers and other information about ILEA membership
  • A "Convince Your Boss" letter


ILEA HUG Leader Board as of 21 September 2018

*Valid for US and EMEA members only