Chapter Leadership

President: Tracie Zody, CTA
Owner, Account Executive, Design Exchange

I most enjoy the facilitated networking events and educational opportunities with local event industry professionals, especially since we've been so disconnected due to COVID. ILEA has been the best way to rediscover our industry peers and work to build new connections. Also, our ILEA International partners continue to provide exceptional virtual and in-person education and networking events.

President Elect/Intermediate Past President: Sara Bentley
Sales Manager, Cameron Mitchell Premiere Events

ILEA is truly best network of industry professionals on a local and national level. I love the lifelong relationships that I have built through ILEA.

ILEA Columbus, Marketing and Communications, Board of Directors

Kiki Koerner, ECI
Marketing Coordinator, Cameron Mitchell Premier Events

My ILEA Why:
Passion. Community. Connection. Being able to connect with people who love Columbus and have a passion for bringing people together… it’s a dream. I am glad to be here and grow in the live event space and within the greater Columbus community.

VP of Membership, ILEA Columbus

VP of Membership: Amy Huggins, CMP, CTA
Director of Culture & Training

My favorite part of ILEA is being able to collaborate, and commiserate with other people who really “get you” and understand all of the challenges and opportunities that our industry presents. Being involved allows me to share my knowledge with the next group of future leaders.

Jason Abady, CTA
Events Manager, Client Services
Greater Columbus Sports Commission

My ILEA Why:
The Greater Columbus Sports Commission is tasked with bringing sporting events to our city, in order to make us an elite sports town and trusted tourist destination. In order to put on top-notch events, I joined ILEA so that I could meet others in the field that are doing the job at a high level, share knowledge, and hire vendors that contribute to the local economy.
Board of Directors

Alexis Perrone
Event Management Specialist, Greater Columbus Arts Council

There is a magic that happens in spaces where people gather to experience something together.
I love being a part of the team that makes that happen. ILEA connects me to other professionals in my community and around the country that love to make the same kind of magic.

Alicia M. Norman, MPA, CTA
Event Specialist, Experience Columbus


Jordan Fonte
Catering Sales Manager, ECI, Condados Tacos


Anthony Mosess

My ILEA Why: